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Overview of the operational excellence pillar

Operational Excellence

This pillar covers the operational best practices and processes that keep workloads running in production.

Deployments and maintenance must be reliable and predictable. Both should be automated to reduce the chance of human error and include fast and routine processes, so they don’t slow down the release of new features or bug fixes. Equally important, you must be able to quickly roll back or roll forward if an update has problems.

The steps in this guide can help the strategy team lead the organizational change management required to consistently ensure operational excellence.

These are the disciplines we group in the operational excellence pillar:

Operational Excellence Disciplines Description
Power Discovery IBM Power Workloads have been in use for over thirty years and have unique considerations and require a deep understanding of what is in your environments when migrating them to a Cloud Platform.
Connectivity Building a reliable network in the cloud is different from traditional on-premises environments with the goal to minimize the effects of a single failing component.
Ecosystems IBM Power Workload best practices Design patterns.

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Operational Excellence

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